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All Build-A-Bowl Catering orders will come with these ingredients based on your number of servings (minimum order of 10 servings):



Pickled Red Onion

Pickled Daikon

Regular Cucumber

Shredded Carrots

8oz. Pickled Ginger

8oz. Sauce (per 10 servings of protein)


Choose Your Protein(s):

Minimum of 2 proteins (each protein serves 5). Each protein comes with a 4oz sauce.

Bulgogi (GlutenFree)
Korean Chicken (GlutenFree)
Salmon (raw) (GlutenFree)
Poké Tuna (raw) (GlutenFree)
Sesame Chicken
Teriyaki Tofu (vegan option) (GlutenFree)

Add-On Toppings/Sauces:
Masago (serves 8-10)
Tempura Flakes (serves 8-10)
Pickled Ginger (8oz.)
Avocado (serves 10)
Boom Sauce (8oz.)(GF)
Sweet Thai Chili Sauce (8oz.)(GF)
Eel Sauce (8oz.)
G-Sauce (8oz.)(GF)
Spicy Sauce (8oz.)(GF)
Gochujang Sauce (8oz.)(GF)
Cucumber Wasabi Sauce (8oz.)(GF)
Green Onion Jam (8oz)(Vegan)(GF)

Asian Cucumber Salad (Serves 10)(GF)
Kimchi Slaw (Serves 10)(GF)
5 Korean Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls
Seaweed Salad (Serves 10)

Does your party need serving utensils?

Would your party like wasabi?
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